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How many foils in a Partial foil?
A partial foil service uses about 20 foils or less to foil the crown, roots and side hairline. It’s important to note that a partial foil service does not mean foils will be placed around the entire head – just the top.

How many foils in a Full foil?
A full foil service consists of placing between 45 and 100 foils around the entire head, depending on the person’s hair and color goal. A full foil includes foiling underneath your hair. So, if you pull your hair up in a ponytail or similar fashion, you’ll always want to have a full foil.

If your goal is to go from darker hair to almost completely blonde, a partial foil just won’t do it. You may save some money, but you won’t get the result you want. To get the result you want, you’ll likely end up having another partial foil – or even a full foil. However, if you routinely have a full foil service but want to save some money, you can stretch out your full foil appointments by doing a base break in between foil appointments. A base break is less costly than a foil and involves coloring the outgrown roots with a toner instead of bleach foils.

Here are some reviews that were taken off of yelp. Why I have no idea, but this is also a part of why yelp isn't a reliable source. These here are clients that have been satisfied with there services and yelp decided to not allow everyone to be able to view them.

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